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With a deep understanding that "Customers are at the center," UNIBEN's brands persistently strive for advancement, innovation, and ingenuity. Our unwavering commitment is to not only offer a delightful taste but also to deliver substantial health benefits to our valued customers.

Innovative Broth Pack of Intense Flavor and Nutritional Essence

With a profound understanding of consumers' perpetual quest for novelty and ingenuity, the renowned brand Mì 3 Miền proudly presents its latest innovation: an elevated broth package that transcends the boundaries of culinary excellence. This exceptional offering aims to cater to the discerning palates of Vietnamese consumers by delivering countless convenient and delectable meals. Infused with a meticulously crafted blend of meticulously simmered meat and bones, this distinctive broth package imparts an unparalleled depth of flavor and nutritional goodness to each bowl of noodles, embodying the epitome of culinary artistry.

Innovative Fresh Ingredient in REEVA Instant Noodles

REEVA takes great pride in being the only instant noodle brand in Vietnam that incorporates fresh mushroom into its products. The ingredient is the 100% real and crunchy mushroom, meticulously selected from nature and carefully packaged within a closed production line. The combination of chewy noodles and the tangy-spicy mushroom hot pot broth enhances the overall instant noodle experience, elevating it to a whole new level.

Innovating BONCHA Honey Tea With Nutritious Ingredients

BONCHA Honey Tea is a perfect combination of 100% natural honey and green tea leaves to get an innovative healthy drink which helps revitalizing the thirst with excitement.

Most-chosen Brand

Throughout 30 years of development, 3 Miền Instant Noodles brand has consistently demonstrated creativity and a consumer-oriented approach. With the introduction of an innovative broth package, it has become the leading instant noodle brand, favored by consumers in rural areas for six consecutive years since 2017.

Breakthrough Creative Products

3 Mien Instant Noodles takes the lead with its flavorful broth package, carefully crafted from fresh meat, bones, and simmered vegetables for several hours. This innovative approach replaces the traditional seasoning packet and enhances the instant noodle experience. The premiumization of this product has positioned 3 Miền Noodles as the top choice among Vietnamese consumers.

Essence of Vietnamese Cuisine

3 Mien Noodles earnestly appreciates and reveres the intrinsic values encapsulated within the rich tapestry of Vietnamese gastronomy. We meticulously infuse these virtues into every product, crafting a harmonious blend of diverse and characteristic flavors that cater to the discerning palates of various regions. Indulge in the exquisite offering of 3 Miền Noodles, featuring the aromatic fusion of tenderly stewed beef with fragrant vegetables and the uniquely tantalizing combination of tangy and spicy shrimp.



3 Mien Instant Noodles brand has been favored by consumers in rural areas for six consecutive years since 2017.



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UNIBEN stands as Vietnam's foremost food and seasoning enterprise, distinguished as an esteemed recipient of the Asian Responsible Business Award in the "Enhancing Community Health" category. This distinguished recognition arises from the company's commendable efforts in actively addressing the perilous threat of iodine deficiency disorders through the introduction of their groundbreaking 3 Mien Bouillion. This innovative product, supplementing essential iodine, comes highly recommended by esteemed nutritionists and medical professionals as a highly effective and straightforward solution in safeguarding against the adverse effects of iodine insufficiency. UNIBEN's unwavering commitment to community well-being firmly establishes them as an exemplary and socially conscientious industry leader.

Pioneer For The Community

3 Mien Bouillon with Iodine Supplement is a pioneering seasoning product that successfully applies the formula and technological processes derived from the research project "Iodine Supplementation in Bouillon to Improve Iodine Deficiency in the Community" into industrial production.

Recommended by nutritionists and healthcare professionals, 3 Mien Bouillon with Iodine Supplement serves as an effective and straightforward solution to prevent disorders caused by iodine deficiency. Its formulation incorporates the necessary iodine levels crucial for maintaining optimal health. By addressing the deficiency, this product contributes significantly to improving the overall well-being of individuals and communities.

Healthy Delicious Meals

Research has shown a significant increase in urinary iodine levels, indicating the preventive benefits for people using 3 Mien Bouillon with Iodine Supplement (average urinary iodine increased to 320.6 ± 42.3 mcg/24 hours, more than 2.3 times higher than when using non-iodized bouillon). Additionally, there was an increase in dietary iodine intake (average of 264 ± 126 mcg/day) compared to the consumption of non-iodized bouillon (average of 95.6 ± 50.1 mcg/day).

Despite the iodine supplementation, the taste and aroma of the dishes remain fully preserved. The recommended consumption of 3 Mien Iodine-Enriched Bouillon according to this formula is 10g/day/person, ensuring an adequate supply of iodine and meeting the recommended dietary intake of iodine and sodium by the Ministry of Health in the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders.



Adequate Iodine Content as Recommended by WHO in 3 Mien Bouillon


Top 2

UNIBEN is in top 2 enterprise honored for 'Asia Responsible Enterprise Award' (2018)



Ingredients meet food-safety and hygiene standards