UNIBEN: Leading the health-centric product trend for 30 years with European manufacturing technology

High-quality and health-friendly products are the 'versatile key' that helps businesses conquer consumers.

As a leading company in the food industry with 30 years of experience, UNIBEN currently owns several prominent brands such as '3 Miền' noodles, '3 Miền' dipping sauce, REEVA noodles, BONCHA honey tea, JOCO fruit juice, and ABBEN energy drink. These brands have gained users' trust thanks to their guaranteed quality, nutrition, and safety.

Investing in infrastructure to ensure product quality

With the vision of becoming a multi-brand, multi-product, and multi-national company, UNIBEN has conducted research and developed innovative products, emphasizing nutritional factors to meet the needs of consumers both domestically and internationally.

To accomplish this, from 2014 to 2018, UNIBEN invested over 2,000 billion Vietnamese dong to build two modern factories in Vietnam - Singapore 2 Industrial Park (Binh Duong) and Pho Noi A Industrial Park (Hung Yen). These factories are designed according to European standards, equipped with fully automated production lines imported from the United States, Germany, Japan, and others. They meet the criteria for food safety, hygiene, and quality management. When operating at full capacity, these factories can supply over 2.5 billion units of products (noodles, fish sauce, seasoning cubes, etc.) annually to both the domestic market and for export. The steadfast commitment to investing in infrastructure has enabled UNIBEN to introduce innovative products of the highest quality. Among them, '3 Miền' noodles have been the most preferred brand by consumers in rural areas for six consecutive years from 2017 to the present (according to Kantar Brand Footprint).

UNIBEN's modern factory in Binh Duong meets European standards.

At the end of 2021, UNIBEN commenced the construction of a modern beverage factory with an investment capital of approximately 1,000 billion Vietnamese dong, covering a total area of nearly 80,000 square meters. This dedicated project not only showcases UNIBEN's ambition to dominate the beverage market but also serves as a solid foundation for the company to implement its expansion strategy and reinforce its leading position in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

3 Miền Instant Noodles, with its innovative broth pack, has gained the trust of consumers.

Safety and quality are always paramount for UNIBEN

Every product, before reaching the hands of consumers, undergoes quality and safety management by UNIBEN according to HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. Starting from the selection of raw materials, UNIBEN chooses reputable suppliers based on strict standards and conducts regular quality assessments. Modern machinery, advanced technology, and stringent quality assurance processes ensure product quality, thereby effectively meeting the changing consumer preferences for convenient and delicious food while ensuring nutritional value.


UNIBEN's Products.

3 Miền noodles is a brand preferred by consumers nationwide, thanks to its innovative breakthrough in the concentrated broth pack, which is made from fresh meat, marrow bones, and simmered vegetables and fruits for several hours. This process adds richness and nutritional value to the noodles.

In addition to 3 Miền noodles, 3 Miền fish sauce is another popular product. It is made from pure fish sauce essence using modern and automated technology, ensuring safety. Each drop of 3 Miền fish sauce enhances the traditional flavor of Vietnamese meals and is suitable for modern lifestyles.

In 2018, UNIBEN was the first and only company in the spice industry in Vietnam to be honored with the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) by the Asian Business Association in the category of 'Enhancing Community Health.' This recognition was awarded for the 3 Miền seasoning cubes with added iodine, which helps address iodine deficiency in the community.

UNIBEN honorably receive AREA award.

In addition, UNIBEN enhances the nutritional value of its premium REEVA noodles by adding real ingredients such as fresh mushrooms, providing a nutritious meal. This product has been widely accepted by domestic consumers and exported to over 16 countries worldwide.

In 2019, UNIBEN introduced BONCHA honey tea, combining innovative ingredients such as pure honey and whole tea leaves. This product offers a refreshing experience for the body, creating a new wave not only for consumers but also transforming the market share of the beverage industry. Furthermore, the pioneering sleek-can version of BONCHA brings a premium tea drinking experience, which has gained popularity among the younger generation.

UNIBEN reaffirms its position as a leading enterprise by consistently creating products that benefit consumer health while ensuring safety standards. Billions of delicious, nutritious, and health-enhancing products, carrying the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, such as 3 Miền, REEVA, JOCO, BONCHA, and ABBEN, have spread throughout the country, continuing to accompany consumers in providing comprehensive benefits for the well-being of the community.