JOCO Fruit Juice - The Trendy Drink for the Youth


JOCO Fruit Juice offers the younger generation a unique and distinctive drinking experience, thanks to the creative combination of natural ingredients.

The younger generation opts for natural beverages with novel toppings.

With the diverse range of beverages available on the market today, consumers can easily find products that fit their individual preferences. Among them, the majority of consumers prefer products derived from nature, especially various types of fruit juices such as lychee, aloe vera, passion fruit.

Particularly among the younger generation, they opt for beverages sourced from nature such as fruit juices due to their delicious taste, diverse flavors, and beneficial health components. In addition to this, they are intrigued by the idea of experimenting with new and unique drinking experiences that allow them to express their own personalities. Consequently, fruit juices with toppings have become a trend and are almost an essential part.

JOCO - Innovative Varous Flavor Fruit Juice
JOCO Fruit Juice is an excellent choice that satisfies the trend-driven tastes of the young generation, with a unique level of creativity in the beverage market. The product features a creative blend of natural fruit juices combined with chewy toppings. This unique feature provides a truly different and enjoyable drinking experience, delighting the youth

With an innovative range of flavors including lychee with coconut jelly, grape with coconut jelly, and passion fruit, the young generation has various choices and can easily experience a variety of unique tastes. Notably, JOCO's lychee juice with coconut jelly creatively blends fresh, cooling lychee juice with crispy, chewy coconut jelly.

The lychee, a fruit from the North, combined with coconut jelly, a popular snack in the South, creates JOCO's lychee juice with coconut jelly. This product offers a gently fragrant aroma, a refreshing sweetness, and chewy, crispy coconut jelly topping, providing consumers with a delightful and novel drinking experience.



Each flavor of JOCO carries its own unique impression, catering to the needs and preferences of each individual youth. JOCO's aloe vera with sweet and sour apple juice aligns with the modern spirit. JOCO's sweet and tangy passion fruit juice, enriched with necessary Vitamin C for a dynamic day, promotes radiant skin and a youthful figure.

Inevitably, the summer weather can leave you feeling drained. JOCO Fruit Juice, made from natural ingredients, is a superb choice for your body, helping rejuvenate your spirits so you can passionately live every moment of the summer!