Fresh ingredient in REEVA FRESH noodles


Pioneering in the food technology industry by incorporating numerous fresh ingredients, the instant noodle brand Reeva is adored by many consumers for its delicious taste while still ensuring convenience. With raw components comprised of fresh vegetables and natural mushrooms, a simple bowl of instant noodles becomes more flavorful and nutritionally diverse, providing essential nutrients for the body. 

To improve quality and enhance nutritional value, Reeva has researched and considered the consumer trends in countries like Japan and Korea, while scrutinizing the nutritional composition before it's processed into ingredients for our delicious and rich noodle formula. Two fresh ingredients, enoki mushrooms and seaweed, have been added to Reeva noodles, enabling our product to captivate the hearts of millions of diners nationwide.

Deliciously sweet enoki mushrooms

Awakening the palate with fresh enoki mushrooms and a unique blend of spices, Reeva instant noodles provide consumers with a tasty, full-flavored bowl of spicy sour mushroom hotpot or delicious seafood mushroom hotpot, all with just 3 minutes of simple preparation.

Inspired by Japan's renowned nutritious mushroom hotpot, premium Reeva noodles incorporate the spicy and sour flavors beloved by Vietnamese to create a delicious, well-rounded bowl of noodles. The spicy sourness from lemons, chilies, and natural spices blend with the noodles; fresh enoki mushrooms, directly sourced from VietGAP standard cooperatives, are the secret to the attractive aroma and rich taste of our noodle dish.  

The spicy sour mushroom hotpot noodles can be enjoyed as a vegan dish. Meanwhile, the seafood mushroom hotpot noodles cater to the palate of consumers with a spicy, gentle sour taste resulting from the combination of seafood and delicious, crispy, sweet fresh mushrooms.

Seaweed aids in detoxifying the body

A familiar ingredient in Japanese and Korean culinary culture, seaweed is considered a nutritious marine product that benefits health. This food has antioxidant properties, aids in detoxifying the body, contributes to cancer prevention, and enhances cardiovascular health. In Korean culture, seaweed is also a dish that symbolizes longevity, bringing luck to those who consume it on their birthday..

Drawing inspiration from the famous Tonkotsu broth flavor of Japan, Reeva has creatively concocted a novel seaweed bone-meat stew noodle taste. The natural, crispy texture of fresh seaweed, combined with a broth formula derived from bone and meat stew, will win over many diners from their first taste. The product is an ideal choice for busy days, when quick energy replenishment is needed to continue with work or studies. 

Premium Reeva noodles are researched and developed by the Uniben brand. The product is available for purchase at supermarket chains and various grocery stores throughout the country.