BONCHA brings a unique experience to the youth


BONCHA's honey tea brings a distinctive experience to young consumers

BONCHA's honey tea creates a difference by not only helping young individuals quench their thirst with a 'whirlwind of freshness', but also supplementing beneficial nutrients for an energetic day.

In the midst of a busy cycle of study and work, young people are increasingly focused on building a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the trend of choosing products beneficial to health, particularly those with natural ingredients, is gaining popularity. Despite the wide range of choices on the market, young consumers are still searching for a distinctive product, one that is not only high quality but also embodies the youthful, modern spirit that matches their lifestyle.

Pure honey and whole leaf green tea are both natural ingredients beneficial to health. These two components together create a 'refreshing whirlwind' full of pleasure and excitement for studying, working, and playing. All of this can be easily found in BONCHA's honey tea.

Pioneering creativity, dynamism, and individuality, BONCHA is increasingly winning the hearts of modern young people. Right from the flavor, BONCHA's honey tea has created a unique impression with its innovative tastes such as lemon, grapefruit, and blueberry, catering to the diverse personalities of consumers.

Distinguished by the combination of 100% pure honey and whole leaf green tea, BONCHA's honey tea drink offers a unique and invigorating experience for those who enjoy it, potentially satisfying even the most discerning 'connoisseurs'. 

While the lemon-flavored BONCHA honey tea 'wins over' the majority, the fragrant and refreshing grapefruit flavor is adored by many dynamic youths. Additionally, the blueberry flavored BONCHA brings a unique taste, captivating a large number of modern and individualistic young people.

For young consumers, personal impressions are also expressed through the choice of trendy refreshment styles. Understanding this need, BONCHA's honey tea pioneers the introduction of a premium sleek-can edition, offering consumers a novel and trendy refreshment experience. With bold moves, BONCHA has brought a 'new breeze' to the tea beverage industry.

With an unceasing creative spirit, BONCHA continually creates 'refreshing whirlwinds', igniting enthusiasm among young users. As such, BONCHA's honey tea is increasingly winning hearts and becoming the top choice among young people.