3 Mien Noodles preserving the essence of Vietnamese cuisine with breakthrough broth technology


3 Miền noodles preserves the essence of Vietnamese cuisine with its breakthrough broth technology.

When 3 Miền introduced its flavorful broth pack, the instant noodles were elevated to a new level of quality, with a rich and savory broth that resembles the taste of homemade noodles cooked with delicious, aromatic broth made from meat and bone broth, capturing the true essence of Vietnamese culinary tradition. 

Rich and flavorful broth, the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

With a spirit of honoring the essence of national cuisine and catering to the taste preferences of the Vietnamese people, our meticulous R&D experts pay great attention to every detail, from selecting fresh and delicious ingredients to the meticulous process of preparation, in order to concentrate the essence of the broth and preserve the most natural flavors. All ingredients are carefully selected from reputable suppliers, prioritizing natural cultivation and meeting VietGAP standards.

Modern production line

With a commitment to prioritizing consumer health, UNIBEN places great emphasis on processing, packaging, and quality control of its products. UNIBEN fully utilizes its existing advantages, such as a large-scale manufacturing plant built to European standards, state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, modern production lines, advanced production technology, packaging, and advanced sterilization methods, to focus on ensuring safety and hygiene standards, as well as food quality management in accordance with HACCP and ISO 22000 standards.

Accordingly, all ingredients undergo strict quality control before being used in production. In the process, fresh ingredients are carefully arranged in a large pressure cooker, seasoned with spices according to the standard recipe, and simmered for several hours. The simmering stage is considered complete when the broth reaches a certain thickness, with an attractive orange-brown color and a fragrant blend of shrimp and meat with vegetables.

These essence droplets then go through a modern sterilization and concentration process before being packaged into special spicy-sour shrimp broth sachets. This process preserves the nutritional content while intensifying the richness of flavors.

Since its introduction, 3 Miền instant noodles have become the flagship product of UNIBEN, featuring a breakthrough broth sachet made from simmering meat and bones for hours to extract the essence and create a concentrated, flavorful broth. Thanks to this innovative concept, the rich broth sachet in 3 Miền noodles serves as a perfect alternative to traditional seasoning and broth sachets, elevating the quality and setting a new standard for premium instant noodles. In 2022, 3 Miền was the most purchased brand in rural areas for six consecutive years, according to Kantar Brand Footprint.