UNIBEN's Culture Contribution

UNIBEN's Culture Contribution

UNIBEN establish a working environment in accordance with international standards, with a focus on people as a crucial element. We aims at building a flexible and ideal workplace, where creativity and employees' rights are consistently emphasized and valued.

Streamline Working System

The streamlined organizational structure at UNIBEN helps save time and enables a focused and efficient approach to problem-solving. Employees can perform various tasks flexibly and systematically.

Transparent Working Environment, Emphasizing Collaboration

UNIBEN strives to build a workplace that is the top choice for employees by offering a good working environment characterized by excellence. We value collaboration, embrace diversity, and offer deserving benefits and rewards. Our company is committed to cultivating a comfortable and motivating work environment where every employee's opinion and contribution are actively sought, valued, and appreciated.

Encouraging open-mindedness and Sincerity

UNIBEN's leaders consistently provides clear development directions, actively listens to and encourages members to share their perspectives, fosters collaboration, contributions, and collective growth. UNIBEN regularly organizes activities and events that strengthen employee bonding, creating a comfortable and dynamic working environment where memorable moments and milestones are shared together.



The personnel have received training on UNIBEN's culture on board



Our personnel enjoy policies and benefits in accordance with prescribed standards.



Personnel are respected for their differences and diversity

Developing the Workforce

Developing The Workforce

The UNIBEN workforce comprises over 2.300 individuals with diverse age ranges, educational backgrounds, and experiences, and more than 80% of our personnel are committed to long-term engagement.

Diverse Workforce

The UNIBEN personnel exhibit diversity in terms of educational backgrounds and experiences, appointed to corresponding positions that meet the high demands of their respective roles. Specifically, the Business Unit constitutes 88% of the total workforce, the Production Unit accounts for 9%, and support positions make up approximately 3%.

Equal Employment Opportunities

UNIBEN is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for individuals of working age, regardless of their geographical origin, gender, religion, or ethnicity.

Ensuring Transparency and Respecting Diversity

UNIBEN consistently upholds transparency and respects diversity in our recruitment and labor utilization practices.

Ensuring Policies and Working Conditions

Ensuring C&B And Working Conditions

UNIBEN is committed to ensuring favorable policies and working conditions for employees in accordance with regulations.

Ensuring Policies For Employees

UNIBEN ensures that employees fully receive compensations and benefits as the policies in compliance to the Labor Code (including social security and insurance) and strives to create competitive income levels. UNIBEN staffs undergo annual health check-ups and get accident insurance to promptly detect any potential health issues and work effectively.

Facilitating Work Environments And Enhancing Skills For The Workforce

Each employee joining UNIBEN is equipped with good work conditions, including suitable equipment, tools, and resources basing on their job positions. Annual training activities are also organized to enhance skills and expertise for the staffs.

Promoting Employee Physical And Mental Wellness

The UNIBEN's Labor Union is dedicated to safeguarding the legitimate rights of employees and is responsible for organizing internal activities aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of all members. The Union also creates exciting recreational contests for employees to entertain and refresh from work.