Supports Farmers in Implementing VietGAP

Supporting Farmers In Implementing VietGAP

To proactively ensure the quality of ingredients and contribute to improving the production and business efficiency for farmers, UNIBEN has implemented a project to support farmers in implementing a safe and sustainable vegetable production model according to standards of Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP).

This support includes guidance and assistance from engineers and experts from the Center for Agricultural Extension Centre and the Center for Advisory and Support in the Agricultural Economic Restructuring in Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, long-term procurement contracts have been signed to facilitate stable market access, helping farmers with product consumption.

Providing Expert Consultation

During the entire project duration, farmers have been consulted by engineers and experts hailing from the Center for Agricultural Extension and the Center for Advisory and Support in the Agricultural Economic Restructuring in Ho Chi Minh City.

The project has significantly contributed to elevating farmers' consciousness regarding safe production practices, environmental preservation, and enhancing overall production and business effectiveness.

Helping With Product Consumption

UNIBEN supports the farmers with the product procurement which adhere to the VietGAP standards, thereby facilitating stable market access for farmers. These products will be utilized in the production of spice sachets, which are essential components that contribute to the distinctive and delightful flavors of 3 Mien instant noodles, and REEVA instant noodles.



Farmers were supported in the Project



Key ingredients in the Project were ensured the procurement by UNIBEN



Of the participating farmers adhere to the VietGAP standards diligently.

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