Become a Multi-brand, Multi-product, and Multinational Food Company

For the past 30 years of establishment and development, UNIBEN has demonstrated our leading position in the fast-moving consumer goods industry with strong imprints from famous and reputable brands such as 3 Mien, REEVA. Building on this successful foundation, UNIBEN aims to diversify its products and brands to become a Multi-Brand - Multi-Product - Multinational food company, providing high-quality products for consumers domestically and worldwide.


Universal Benefits

UNIBEN continuously strives to meet consumer demand by providing qualified, convenient, delicious, and nutritious products with a balance between price and quality.
At the same time, UNIBEN implements a sustainable development strategy to ensure value for our employees, partners, shareholders, and contribute to the society development.


5 Core Values


Customers are always our top priority.

We always listen to fully understand customers' need and provide the best possible solutions with a high sense of responsibility. We provide customers with the best products and services, ensuring the balance between quality and price for the requirements.


Collaboration is how we work together.

We always encourage, listen, and value everyone's opinions and contributions, respect differences, work together to make timely, appropriate, and effective decisions for the common purpose, while ensuring a balance of interests for all stakeholders.


Excellence is the standard that we strive to achieve in every job.

Acting as true owners, we set high standards for each task, prioritize identifying and performing tasks precisely, simply, and ultimate the potential of everyone to acquire the best results at the lowest cost.


Our strength is built on discipline.

We have a deep respect for rules and regulations, and we remind each other to comply with them. By doing so, we ensure that we complete our tasks well, on time and with high quality, achieving our shared goals. We objectively evaluate our work, learn from our mistakes, and offer constructive feedback to each other to help us improve and become more efficient.


Upholding integrity is essential for our team's unity.

Upholding integrity is essential for our team's unity. We promote and practice transparent and sincere communication, where everyone can express their opinions honestly and effectively to achieve the best outcomes for our work and shared goals. We act in accordance with our beliefs and values, and we are reliable members of our organization who trust and rely on each other to strengthen our bond.

At UNIBEN, we always commit to the utmost values for our customers, with integrity, discipline, and collaboration.
Mr. Nguyen The Anh, Deputy CEO